"Mimari sektör için devrim niteliğinde bir yazılım."

"Sıkıcı ve geleneksel programlarla vakit kaybetmeyin."

Developed for

Architects specifically

Have you ever felt like you were being slowed down?

Complex details

There's no faster way to customize the details of your design than with Drawea. Traditional programs are too complex. Simple floor planners are often impractical.

Meaningless Waiting Times

The worst thing is to render over and over again when your clients have endless revision requests. Render in the cloud without the need for expensive devices and hours of rendering.

Constant Search for 3D Models

For a small detail in your design, you go from one website to another and search for 3D models, textures and materials for hours… . And it's never enough. 3D models, textures, materials and customizations are all ready and waiting for you in Drawea!

Dealing with Different Programs

You are constantly switching between different programs and extensions to bring your design to life. CAD, BIM, Photoshop and even Excel… Everything in one place with Drawea!

Drawea is here for interior architects


Customize easily

Besides the drag and drop experience, Drawea offers 10 smart modules to help you customize your design down to the last detail. You can easily arrange complex flooring, multi-tiered ceiling, complex external structure.

Render in minutes

Drawea can deliver stunning 4K images in minutes. You don't have to worry about your hardware setup as everything happens in the cloud. You can even create panoramas to make them more interesting to your customers.


Large Model Library

Drawea has more than 30 million 3D models and textures covering almost everything that will be needed in interior projects. Of course, you can always upload your own collections to create a personal library.